Useful websites

Professional Websites

Heart University

A free web-based global education resource and training tool with a focus on congenital heart disease created by top experts in the field.

British Society for Heart Failure

The British Society for Heart Failure (BSH) lead the way in educating doctors, nurses and allied specialists working in hospitals and the community to improve care for patients with heart failure.

Canadian Adult Congenital Heart Network:

An amazing educational resource for everyone affected by congenital heart disease

The CHIP Network:

The Congenital Heart Professionals Network, is designed to provide a single global list of all CHD-interested professionals, connecting congenital heart & paediatric cardiac
professionals across the globe.

Patient Focused Websites

I Heart Change:

Interactive website to support young people going through transition

The Somerville Heart Foundation:

The Somerville Heart Foundation is the only UK wide charity dedicated to supporting adults born with all types of Congenital Heart Disease. They also support young people transitioning into adult heart services.

Little Hearts Matter

Little Hearts Matter is the only national UK charity offering specialised support to anyone affected by the diagnosis of single ventricle heart condition

The British Heart Foundation:

Supporting adults and young people with heart disease